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This is the first time I have attended the [Annual] meeting, and I was truly impressed by your communication prior to the meeting, and your planning and implementation that day. Having attended 30 years of meetings I have a lot to judge from. It was a great networking opportunity, and I also found the speakers very informative. Vince Papale was a great pick as a Keynote speaker.


At the present I have no connect with any aspect of [oncology.] I will miss everyone and the meetings which were informative, challenging and stimulating. Warm regard to all. Continued success.

Past Member

This was the best meeting that we have had in two to three years.
[In regards to HOMNY's meeting - "E&M Documentation / Coding Basics for Oncology" presented by Jim Leach, E&M Consulting

HOMNY Member

It was a great meeting this morning !!
[In regards to HOMNY's May meeting - "Is There a Medical Home For Oncology" presented by Ted Okon, COA

Jean Ann, Business Manager

I have to say the process of registering was so easy now that your website is up and running. It looks great and is useful!


I want to thank you all so very much for your help. I just got off the phone with [one of your board members] & she gave me the run down on the correct codes to use. You have all been so very gracious & patient with my lack of knowledge of Oncology & Hematology billing/coding. This type of coding is at times confusing. You are all amazing & I for one am very appreciative & bow down to you all. So thank you again!!


What an amazing crowd this morning. As an "outsider" who's been working with HOMNY since March, 2005, it's very rewarding to see the growth of the Society. I've also really been impressed with the improved communications/ invitations etc. Great job!


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